• Founder of Team Champion Achievers • Diamond Executive in RF3 World

          For Jim, he didn't have it easy in life. At 17, he already started working, relentlessly searching for opportunities. He pursued different courses from Skills from Engineering, IT, Culinary Arts and yes, to even Heavy Equipment Operations and Servicing. After going to numerous seminars and laboring in different fields, he realized that merely being employed will not bring him the success he is aiming for. It was while working with Ace Aguilar and Gerald Pardo in real estate when they came across RF3 and from there, Jim's career path was defined. In a matter of two months, he quit on his work and decided to go full time with direct selling, doubting his earning in the process. A few months after, he became Diamond Executive and is now enjoying the fruit of his labor in the form of trips abroad and drawing 4 times his income from before. He is very much grateful to his mentors and coaches Allan Taunan, Ejay Pardo, Gerald Pardo and Ace Aguilar for their guidance. In turn, he want to inspire others as well by sharing his experience.

His advice:
          Keep on striving and searching until you find your answer. Never waste time, give up or surrender. Fight for your future and let RF3 World be your way to your dreams.

• Featured in Vanity Magazine, Ph• Title: Team Super Achievers - Team ExtraordinaireVolume 24 No. 3, Page 42