• Co - Founder of Team Champion Achievers • Founder of Super Achievers • Manager in RF3 World


        This RF3 Diamond Executive (now a Manager) was formerly engaged in real estate and was into selling condos. Simultaneously, he had RF3 on the side. In two months' time, he quit his real estate job to pay complete attention to his RF3 business because he was faring so much better here than on his full time job in terms of income and compensation. Four months after, he already qualified to an all-expenses paid trip to Malaysia and nine months into business, he was awarded a fully paid 2018 white Sta Fe SUV. All these for loving what he does and at the same time, being able to help others improve their finances and health as well. He is willing to share his secret to success and he only wants this in return - to do it seriously and sincerely because RF3 can change your life into a brand and a grand new one. Being with RF3 is a golden opportunity that one should never hesitate to take and let go of.


His Ideology:

        Fulfilling the dream that God has planted in your heart will lead you to something great and substantial so don't be afraid to dream and act big. And his parting words are, "See you on the beaches of the world."

• Featured in Vanity Magazine, Ph• Title: Team Super Achievers - Team ExtraordinaireVolume 24 No. 3, Page 42