• Co - Founder of Team Champion Achievers • Founder of Super Achievers • Manager in RF3 World

          He is a licensed real estate broker and an Entrepreneurship advocate. With a college degree, Ace initiated several real estate projects in his desire to get away from their family's OFW cycle because he believed that this is not the instrument to gain prosperity in his generation. However, these projects left him scarred in the end when he experienced betrayal and deception. This misfortune led him to the blessings he is now reveling in, though. He was introduced to the direct selling industry and there found his niche. With RF3 and in just nine months, he was reaping rewards such as his very own SUV and becoming Diamond Executive (now a Manager). But for him, what is more rewarding is the sense of fulfillment  as he sees his colleagues grow and enjoy the business as much as he does. His formula for success: Be a good student and the system will work for you. Everything else will then follow - family time and financial freedom.

His Message:

          As the old verse in the Bible says, "Ask and you shall receive, seek and you will find, knock and the door will be opened." Start your journey today.

• Featured in Vanity Magazine, Ph• Title: Team Super Achievers - Team ExtraordinaireVolume 24 No. 3, Page 42